A destination workplace with a holistic approach for innovative payment solution provider, Bottomline
designed by
Morgan Lovell


Bottomline Technology provide innovative payment solutions, helping businesses around the world work simpler and smarter. Consolidating two offices into one new HQ in Theale, Morgan Lovell had the opportunity to re-define how Bottomline worked together through the creation of a destination workplace.  Creating engaging spaces that took a holistic approach, allows employees at Bottomline to not only work better, but to live better lives. 



Key to creating a destination workplace with a holistic approach, was the use of materiality and colour; natural woods, soft plywoods and biophillia are complimented with bursts from energy from their brand blue and warm oranges. Right from the reception, the fully branded portal invites employees and customers alike to enter the space and become part of the Bottomline experience. Not only is this symbolic, but the threshold also serves as an essential acoustic barrier. Integrated into the sides of the staircase are tea points, a library and a meeting space, providing an efficient use of floorspace.

As a solid, space-dividing solution, our storagewall is a highly adaptable, modular system which can be easily reconfigured to suit the confines of any space. Not only is the storagewall relocatable, but the interchangeable modules provide built-in future flexibility, essential in the workspace landscape of today. Once a back of house item, personal storage lockers have been elevated and brought out into the heart of the workplace. In several banks throughout the space built-in five-high lockers, finished in a modern black and orange look, support Bottomline employees with personal storage space as well as elevating the employee experience.