Global Biopharmaceutical Company
An organic and biophilic office space for leading biopharmaceutical company
London, UK

For the new London Headquarters of this leading biopharmaceutical company, designed by Mansfield Monk, they have created a calming and biophilic space, using muted tones, warm textures and embracing the outdoors.

Set in the heart of London, the new workspace is spread out over 24,000 square feet and provides a plethora of different space types including a formal reception, breakout areas, a sophisticated bar, bench desking, quiet seating nooks and personal storage. Working with BW Interiors at Cat A and Operandum at Cat B, we were pleased to supply several of our solutions to the space. Throughout the space, several different banks of our lockers give employees their own personal storage area within the workspace. Tying in with the biophilic looks and feel, the lockers have been designed in organic greens and plywood finishes to complement the raw and natural feel of the space. 

For ease of use, the lockers all have their own number graphic and on the full-height units, maximum floor space efficiency is achieved through full height units that incorporate extra storage space going to the ceiling. Built into some of the locker units, our Snugglestors provide an upholstered alcove which serves as an impromptu meeting space or a personal breakout space for employees. In a matching design aesthetic and finishes, our full-height Storagewall cupboards provide space efficient storage with a huge range of internal options. 





In between the rows of bench desking, Palisades Grid provides an aesthetic and effective zone divider. With its mid-century style black grid and plywood accessories it provides the necessary separation of space within the open plan office without building walls or completely blocking light.