Digital Shadows
Computer security experts Digital Shadows recently hired Thirdway Interiors to build their new office space. An environment which promotes collaboration with a wide variety of spaces for employees to work in.
Canary Wharf
designed by
Thirdway Interiors


Computer security experts Digital Shadows occupy a floor of the Columbus Building in Canary Wharf and are dedicated to keeping all of their clients' systems and data safe from every eventuality. They recently hired Thirdway Interiors to build out a new office space promoting collaboration and offering a variety of environments for employees to work in, and Spacestor were happy to supply them with Palisades Grid zone dividers, Sorted Storagewall and HotLocker

“The spaces,” Thirdway explain, “have mainly been broken up by open shelving as opposed to hard partitions to further promote the feeling of openness and space,” so they decided to use a stripped-back, minimalist version of our Palisades Grid. Furthermore, in keeping with the theme of security, and in order to facilitate hotdesking, a large wall of our Sorted Storagewall and HotLocker Signature was installed to keep employees’ belongings safe and provide them with abundant personal storage.