A space conceptualized and created by their people
designed by


Gensler’s new space was conceptualized and created by their people. Impactful and technologically forward-thinking, it is in the buzzing hub of a city center, with amenities and green spaces in close proximity. Gensler are a global architectural firm, who believe in the power of design to work towards the greater wellbeing and creativity of the minds that experience it. Having created countless masterful environments for clients, this is an example of their passion to support their employees, in a time when employees need this most of all.

As is becoming more relevant in the workplace, Gensler have integrated both collaborative and focused spaces within their office. The Red Gallery is an insight into the Gensler brand and a breathtaking entrance to the space. Vividly colored walls are eye-catching and provide a clear demarcation between zones. The Stage, in bright yellow, is a modular space which employees have autonomy to personalize to their working style. Spacestor Bleachers, bridging the gap between a meeting room and an auditorium-style space, create an ideal area for networking and impromptu meetings.

The Workshop is also flexible in its layout, with adaptive furniture enhancing the fluidity of the environment and aiding employees to use it to the maximum. It features a living wall which is beautifully placed on a dark backdrop producing both the contrast and seamlessness that already characterizes the space. Black materials highlight the bright colors and create a futuristic vibe. Gensler Birmingham - a space, conceptualized and created by their people. 

Photography by: Tom Bird