Swansea University
An all-inclusive selection of zones and surroundings creating spaces for focused reflection, productive networking and sure success
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Swansea University - School of Management encourages young people to invest in their future. As well as giving them the qualifications they need, they also aim to support their students with collaboration opportunities, strong industry links - assisting them in reaching their full capabilities. Included in this support was their relationship with Imium in the creation of an innovative and diverse space with reflective views and customisable layouts. Zones such as 'The Park' in a biophilic-styled green, 'The Library' providing community hubs on each floor, and a more welcoming Student Services area all ensure that Swansea University can continue to provide the quality backing to each student that enters their doors. 

The main attrium is designed to be modular based and Bleachers bridge the gap between a meeting room and auditorium. Opportunities to adapt the configuration to meet any situation engages the user as they create their own personal collaborative space. In a dark stained ply, this flexible seating asserts itself, but is balanced by the preservation of the natural wood grain, keeping the material true to its organic form.  

The Park is a space developed from previously unused rooms to create both calming and collaborative spaces, all perpetuating the soft green tones and natural woods which are associated with areas of natural beauty. Whilst offering a place to reflect in picturesque surroundings, The Park also has spaces designated to teamworking and idea generation. 

The Library consists of smaller spaces for a mix of working styles. Effective space division is achieved by the Palisades Grid and produces a defined but not arbitrary place for one-to-one chats or meetings. Natural colours and softer fabrics enhance the seclusion of the space and adhere to the concept of The Library. With an inspiring array of zones and surroundings to choose from, students at the School of Management, Swansea University have the ability to enhance their experience and take comprehensive control of their future.