Scott Osborn
Scott Osborn's stunning workplace redesign innovatively uses our Palisades II to create inspirational architecture within architecture.

Founded in 1985, Scott Osborn are a Principal Contractor, specialising in high quality refurbishment works covering a range of sectors, from commercial to residential and industrial to retail. Based out of Stansted, Essex most of their work centres around England's vibrant capital: London.

With a focus on providing the highest levels of value, commitment, professionalism and flexibility, Scott Osborn are dedicated to providing the very best customer service. And they also understand that providing optimum customer service, starts with the care and wellbeing of their own staff. They themselves say that "we are aware that our people are the key to the company’s continued success and future development. Our aim is to attract the highest calibre of staff into the business by providing career opportunities, training and personal development in a positive, healthy, flexible and safe, working environment."





As part of their workplace redesign, Scott Osborn chose our Palisades II to create an inspirational semi-private, meeting space! Palisades II offers a new way to divide spaces and create different zones, in a light and minimalist way. Creating an architecture within an architecture, the configuration provides space for a meeting within the room and shelving for the bar on the outside! As part of the hugely flexible Palisades II system, this configuration includes a 2d ceiling, a plethora of acoustic panels, hanging lights and curtains to create a cosy aura and a luxe backdrop for the bar.