Offices are now creating a more compelling, engaging experience for their users
El Segundo
designed by
CBRE Design Collective
“ The advent of widespread hybrid work means that offices are now following the playbook of hotels and shopping centers in creating a more compelling, engaging experience for their users. ”
Peter Van Emburgh, Global Head of CBRE's Corporate Real Estate

CBRE’s new South Bay workplace is located at 2221 Rosecrans Avenue, El Segundo, California. Specializing in unique work environments, the 30,794 sq ft office plays a crucial role in CBRE’s Workplace360 program, a cornerstone of which is no assigned seating. Striving to create CBRE’s future of work, the design team incorporated technology, collaboration zones and hybrid working areas, to ensure high utilization of the space.

The opening of the El Segundo location marks a 10 year milestone for CBRE, the first Workplace360 office opened in downtown LA in 2013. Over the course of 10 years, CBRE has opened over 100 global corporate offices aligned with their Workplace360 strategy. In response to the ever changing world of commercial real estate, CBRE’s Workplace 360 initiative has been a catalyst for creating curated work environments.

“In South Bay,” explains Peter Van Emburgh “Part of that experience comes through in-office technologies like enhanced video conferencing that helps in-person and remote workers to collaborate like they’re in the same room. Other features cater to neurodiversity, such as the office’s 14 different work environments to accommodate a wide range of work styles to fit users’ diverse needs on a given day.”

CBRE’s Digital and Technology team incorporated multi-use wireless systems that promote seamless digital experiences and wireless screen sharing. Also incorporated are virtual whiteboards for real-time remote collaboration. A Wi-Fi enabled private outdoor lounge is just one of several work environments, encouraging a connection to nature. “Technology is a critical part of how we work and provide exceptional services to our clients,” says Robert Peddicord, executive managing director of CBRE’s South Bay office. “The new high-tech features allow us to ensure seamless and flexible collaboration and set an industry-leading standard for workplace design in today’s hybrid workforce.”

CBRE is committed to creating the most innovative and technologically advanced work environments, utilizing Density technology to measure the success of their El Segundo space. Anonymous occupancy trackers provide real-time insights about employee behaviors, informing the evolution of the company’s post-pandemic workplace strategy. This user-centric approach enables CBRE to constantly deliver work environments that accommodate the needs and desires of their employees.

Spacestor worked with CBRE Design Collective to provide a stunning zoning solution, made from the flexible Palisades II. A gorgeous black grid, paired with white oak and plenty of biophilia, the Spacestor system provides a beautiful backdrop for CBRE’s collaboration spaces. Palisades II provides the perfect canvas for the warm and inviting workspace aesthetic.

In addition to its flexibility, Palisades II enables the creation of space without disconnecting and alienating zones. It seamlessly accommodates collaboration spaces, workstations, and privacy when needed. The success of CBRE’s El Segundo office, lies in its diverse work environments, which include: benching, focus pods, a library, enclosed booths, an outdoor patio, a Tech Bar, and a large reception called ‘The Heart’. Diverse work environments are key in the future of workplace design, empowering employees to be their best selves.