Neutral but bright, calm but dynamic - in this space paradox makes sense and works fluidly in a stunning workplace experience.
London, UK
designed by
Note Design Studio


The Office Group is a fast-moving, highly innovative community providing varied and personalised office spaces for both established and start-up businesses. It's ability to conceptualise considered and beautiful spaces is shown in the product of their partnership with Note Design Studio to design the new Douglas House location. Bold and earthy colors and an organic aesthetic successfully merges period features with a modern and much sought-after versatility, resulting in a bright and dramatic environment, tailored to be ideal for dynamic and agile teams reaching new heights. 



Intriguing shapes and attention-grabbing colors highlight the sophisticated backdrop of creams and woods. Biophillic presence is keenly felt and the massive windows provide natural light, an invigorating, organic airiness which helps to boost productivity and enhance employee experience. 



Spaces for networking are configured throughout the space and divided by a glass wall, it's curvatures flow with an unprecedented feel. As well as provisions for collaboration, there are also offerings of quite spaces. Through by Bailey, Spacestor supplied their Residence Work and Residence Meet, which in birch ply, maintain the natural vibe and furnish employees with an iconic enclosure within the workplace, a serene sanctuary for focused work or private conversations. 



The Recharge Room to enjoy an atmospheric escape. The Oxygen Room for a boost whilst connecting with nature. The Café in olive yellow, cue that much-needed cuppa! Even a courtyard so employees can meet and work in the open inspired by the outdoors. 

Vivid and neutral, dynamic and calm - in this space paradox makes sense and works fluidly in a stunning workplace experience.