Spacestor was pleased to provide their Palisades Luxe, a rich and sophisticated zone dividing grid which exudes an aura of warmth and serenity.
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In the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, ARCH.DESIGN worked with GCI on the creation of a unique architectural experience in the Belles Feuilles building. This iconic location is a significant office development in central Paris and features 12,000 square meters of office space and 1,500 square meters of green space, in a setting naturally connected to nature and the city.

GCI, leading property investment company has been enhancing real estate development for over 30 years, actively involved in adding value to more than 1.7 million square metres of high-grade office space in Paris and the major provincial cities. Throughout the design process, the vision was to create a premium, high-level environment which is created to align to the user profile of the space, whilst maximizing comfort and floor efficiency. Notably, this included the development of several tertiary spaces, such as roof-tops, vegetation, gardens and terraces, which interconnect the surrounding city and nature inextricably to the present space. 

Having achieved multiple environmental credentials including HQE Excellent, Breeam Very Good, and BBC and WiredScore environmental labels, the building emphasised a care for the environment and consideration for the planet. Furniture used in the marketing suite were reused to extend the life of the materials used in manufacturing, highlighting the value of furniture that can be reused and reconfigured to fit different space demands, reducing waste and consumption of energy and materials.

The attractive name of the building, Belles Feuilles, meaning Beautiful Leaves, was physically manifested in the reception area, with a chandelier made of stunning 4-tone glass leaves. The leaf-shape extends an influence throughout the space, integrated as a light-up elements into expansive acoustic panelling and green feature shapes on the walls. Superb finishes throughout the space champion the aesthetic power of deep woodgrains, rich hues and a neutral backdrop, as architectural details included in the fixtures also add a profound intensity to the overall atmosphere.

Spacestor worked closely with GCI and ARCH.DESIGN to provide their Palisades Luxe, a rich and sophisticated zone dividing grid which exudes an aura of warmth and serenity. Palisades Luxe serves the space to define collaborative and breakout zones, as well as being the medium through which the space design can be expressed in curated accessory vignettes.

Provisions and amenities for tenants are designed to encourage wellbeing and work life balance, with fitness rooms, rest rooms and wellness rooms, optimising user comfort and experience. Wellness rooms feature a stark contrast in ambience in comparison to the main spaces, dark sanctuaries with calming lights enabling space users to take an authentic break in the solitude of uninterrupted peace, with a view designed to mimic the stars on a black expanse.

Expertise and creativity combined with a collaborative approach to realise a vision, meant that GCI and ARCH.DESIGN were able to create a picturesque and avant-garde workspace, highly optimised for functionality, aesthetics, and user experience.