Brown-Forman's stunning new UK Headquarters in London's West End creates a contemporary environment for their employees, reminiscent of the distilleries of Kentucky.
West End, London
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Founded in 1870, Brown-Forman employs more than 4,700 people worldwide and are one of the largest American-owned spirits and wine companies. In all, Brown-Forman has more than 25 brands in its portfolio of wines and spirits, including; Jack Daniel's, Woodford Reserve and Chambord. With this impressive background, Brown-Forman were looking to create a stunning HQ, that would not only help attract new talent to the business, but retain the talented employees they already had.

Tasked with designing the contemporary space, Woodalls created a plan to re-energise the facility and refocus the business around its family beliefs and values. The design, which infuses Brown-Forman's rich history into the space, focusses on warm wooden textures and finishes, large graphics and collaboration. From a sun-dial-like display of charred oak ceiling panels around the bar, to industrial style brass light fittings, every detail of this workplace reflects Brown-Forman's real home: the distilleries of Kentucky. Hunters were appointed to provide the furniture package and we worked with them to provide several pieces from our range. 





Giving employees a personal space within the office is essential in the modern workplace, with 76% of people say having a locker in their workplace would enhance their experience (Spacestor User Research, 2019). In the hub of their new HQ is a fully customized bank of lockers, with checker-board style matte black and wood finish doors, adding to the warmth of the design. Our Palisades II zone divider adds further biophilic elements through the inclusion of planter boxes and live greenery. Finally, a combined Storagewall and Sustain table provide efficient storage, allowing them to make full use of all the floorspace.