Back to the office – a trend reversal

Flexible work – the approach that has marked the last 10 years or so. Choice of hours. Choice of work. And ultimately, the choice of where to work – in the office or at home. Now an increasing number of high profile companies are reversing their stance on this: Yahoo, HP, Reddit and Bank of America, to name a few. CEOs and management personnel are recognising that the power of collaboration is at its highest when persons are physically in the same room. So back to work we go. But a return to the office doesn’t mean a return to the 1990s. Leading companies like Google are creating fun and innovative workplaces that make work a stimulating and inspiring experience. Workplaces that are a pleasure to go to. Workplaces with quirky features, entertainment facilities and places to relax. Work environments that support a new style of working and collaborating. That’s not to say that workplaces have just become leisure facilities. There’s a greater call than ever before to work smarter and more effectively. To get more done in less time. And, of course, to make use of the latest and best technology which helps us work that way. The point is that the modern workplace combines stimulation that encourages focused and energetic work, with places to unwind in between. They create zones for interaction and places for privacy, to support each type of work. It’s this type of workplace that Spacestor creates, time and again. Today’s workplaces for the achievers of today and tomorrow. After 35 years at the cutting edge of office innovation, Spacestor understands the needs of today’s ways of working, and has developed the products to meet those needs. Innovative and stylish storage systems that double up as divisions and screens for effective zoning of office spaces. Designer seating and tables that enhance an environment with a confident sense of style. Intelligent office solutions which integrate with new technology. Review your workplace – is it a workplace of today?

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