Biggest headache in the workplace?

15 years ago the biggest headache that companies had when looking at their workplace was storage.

Paper storage and filing was a constant problem and finding the space to store their filing and the ability to organise it so that it was accessible was a blockage that every organisation came up against. We've heard a lot about the paperless office and whilst it's not here in its purest form, over the last 10 years we have seen a dramatic decline in the amount of filing that organisations are using with many companies looking at online digital filing and document storage systems.

So what's the headache organisations face today?

We have found that personal storage has become the new hurdle, and with a lot of staff having a smaller workstation and no pedestal, the need for secure and accessible personal storage is now the number one storage problem. Combined with this there is a greater degree of awareness of the impact of a well designed workplace on the productivity and performance of the team, and we have seen an environment where HotLocker from Spacestor has really come into its own. Whilst lockers themselves aren't new, traditionally they've been placed in back of house areas / locker rooms, out of sight; we're now seeing organisations bringing lockers in to the open plan space and there's now a requirement for a better looking, more aesthetic and pleasing locker solution. Our prediction for the future of personal storage is a rapid increase in intelligent locking systems giving organisations the ability to " HotLocker " and to do away with the constant cost and hassle of keys and key replacements. [video width="715" height="450" mp4=""][/video]

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