A clever way to deal with wood waste

Due to the nature of our manufacturing process, we have an excess of wood-based products that need that need disposing of. Instead of putting these materials into landfill, we’ve invested in a Ranheat 300kW biomass boiler.

This allows us to burn all our biomass-type waste, and use the energy produced to heat our buildings. Burning wood, rather than burning oil, is environmentally friendly, too. The CO 2 released by wood as it burns is equal to the amount taken up by the tree as it grows. This means that over the lifetime of the tree, there is no change in atmospheric carbon dioxide. When wood burns, it releases very few chemicals into the atmosphere. On the other hand, oil (and particularly coal) releases relatively large amounts of sulphur, leading to problems such as acid rain. And by using very high burning temperatures and a complex smoke filtering system to remove air-borne particles, the biomass boiler is incredibly clean burning. We’re proud of the environmentally friendly measures we put in place throughout our company. Learn more about what we do in our Environment Brochure, which you can access via the Downloads library >

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