2023 - That's a Wrap!
A year of highlights, milestones, experience and change!

A year of highlights, milestones, experience and change! 2023 featured the grand opening of our new US headquarters in Los Angeles and the unveiling of our new London Design Centre bringing the New Landscape for Work.

The exciting launch of Portico also took place, combining seamless simplicity and all essential features for focus and private working, as well as an evolution of Palisades, bringing three new accessories and the Palisades Curve and Arch! Our continuing partnership with Depaul International, a charity which works to tackle homelessness, enabled a donation of over £6500 through our ‘Get a Room, Give a Room’ initiative, aligning with our passion for people and our community.

A dedication to enhancing client experience saw developments to the Spacestor Online Customizer, significant website experience developments, the sharing of knowledge through our Insights Live Series, exhibitions at notable industry events and the commencement of our Beyond the Desk immersive event series in London and New York!

Finally, we were pleased to welcome industry leaders to our London Design Centre in December for out Inaugural annual Spacestor Summit; a reflection on emerging trends and discussion around the economic landscape for 2024.


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Thank you to all our clients, partners, and the entire Spacestor team across the world for being part of this ongoing journey. We eagerly anticipate sharing even more exciting developments with you in the coming year. 

Together, we will continue to redefine the boundaries of a new landscape for work!