Create Something Unique: The Spacestor Customizer
Launching the Customizer - an online configuration tool with which you can create your own unique furniture designs for cool and totally creative workspaces.

A big day for creators of awesome workspaces: Today we launch the Spacestor Customizer!

We have always been associated with innovation. Spacestor started trading as the first company in the UK to manufacture storagewall in the early 90s and have set standards in choice and innovation globally for over 25 years. This is the next step in our journey as a tech company – using technology to challenge accepted constraints and set a new standard in customer experience.

Mobile technology has changed everything. There is a growing individual design expectation and a moving away from corporate conformity. Each employee has to be regarded as an individual. Individuals have needs which need to be satisfied, and choice and customisation has become an essential part of the product mix.

Enter the Customizer – an online tool to create your own unique versions of Spacestor’s products for cool and totally creative workspaces. Launched initially for the HotLocker personal storage systems, we will be rolling this out to some existing and exciting new products in the coming weeks and months.

It uses a cutting-edge interface to bring total control, but it is built on the established HotLocker Freestanding product tried and tested over many years. We have given the control to you, the customer. This is your tool. Use it for inspiration, to visualise, to demonstrate, to estimate, to make it happen – or just for fun. It’s taken us over a year to develop and we are delighted to see our commitment to three values come together in this new development; continuous exploration, ruthless innovation and 100% focus on the customer experience. Try it out here .

Make something totally unique. P.S. And just for a couple of weeks we have added a little surprise inside one of the lockers. There is one in every bank but it is not in the same place each time. See if you can spot it…

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