Spacestor Launches a Huge Time-Saving Tool for Designers in Major Breakthrough Innovation
Workplace design just got a lot easier as Spacestor introduce the new Customizer-to-Revit function, providing more time for turning ideas into realities.

LONDON, UK – August 10, 2022 – Spacestor, the creators of architectural, space-defining workplace furniture, are excited to introduce their new Customizer-to-Revit Innovation.

The Spacestor Customizer® is an online configuration tool which allows designers to create their own unique furniture designs for cool and totally creative workspaces. It uses a cutting-edge interface which brings total control, enabling creators to inspire, visualise, demonstrate, estimate, and make it happen.

Revit has been a popular program in the design community for a number of years. Seeing an upward trend in its prevalence, Spacestor has taken standard Revit blocks (which it has for all its products) a step further by developing functionality that allows clients to configure their dream creation on Spacestor’s Customizer, and then download a fully customized Revit block – an industry-first.

“Designers of workspace were telling us that Revit families needed to be lightweight and simple to use” observes Nick Stedman, Vice President of Marketing at Spacestor, “In response to this need, combined with a surge in the global usage of Revit, we developed a new feature to make it even easier to design amazing workspaces with BIM modeling. In another first from Spacestor – we are really excited to launch the new Customizer-to-Revit tool which gives you preconfigured Revit families to drop straight into your project”

This compatibility is the first of its kind in the industry and is revolutionary because Revit is very information rich, and whilst very useful, it can take a while to configure exactly what is needed due to the complexity of large ‘families’ of products. So, using the easy-to-use interface of the Customizer, clients can form the exact configuration conceptualised and simply download all CAD files, including fully customized Revit files. Once imported into the design file, the creation still retains all the information, and can be customized further within Revit if desired.

“From online product configurator to preconfigured Revit family inside your project in under 3 minutes!” Providing more time for designers to construct the rest of the environment with ease, the Customizer-to-Revit Innovation drives the transition of ground-breaking workplace ideas into realities.

The Spacestor Customizer can be found on Spacestor’s website, where you can create your own unique designs, here:


About Spacestor: Spacestor is the creator of architectural, space-defining furniture that seamlessly blends California cool with London Design. With a legacy spanning three decades, Spacestor first established themselves as a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking in the United Kingdom, but today, the company holds offices in London, Manchester, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York City - giving them a unique position to observe and learn from some of the most creative and successful global companies. From their long-term engagements with clients like Google, JP Morgan, and Pfizer, Spacestor knows how a sustainable workspace environment drives organizational goals; whether building great team culture in a hybrid world or exciting people to be back in the office again.