Spacestor Highlights of 2016

The end of 2016 is fast approaching and what a year it has been for Spacestor! We’ve accomplished so much this year that it’s only right that we recap by taking a look at our 2016 highlights.

In May, we moved our London Design Centre in time for Clerkenwell Design Week to a new, larger location to upgrade the showcase and learning experience for design-led workplace thinkers and influencers. The opening of the London Design centre means that architectural and design professionals across London are now are able to visit us daily to explore the features and tech-enabled options of each design too. Read all about our London Design Centre opening here.

Just 5,318 miles away from our London Design Centre, our team in the US celebrated the 5 th anniversary of our Design Centre in California. As creators of awesome workspace furniture which is a blend of California cool + London design,  5 years ago we noticed a major shift in workspace culture that led us to open a design centre in California - enabling us to be at the front of the trends coming out of Silicon Valley. Watch our story of how we got here.

We’ve travelled across the world for a variety of workspace shows and exhibitions including Worktech in London, NeoCon East in Philadelphia and Orgatec in Cologne, Germany. Each show has given us the opportunity to showcase our innovative new workspace furniture designs and mixing with the industry leaders of design concepts has inspired us in our journey staying at the forefront of new workspace trends, as we continue to come up with new solutions every day. As key innovators of workspace furniture and design we noticed the increase of creative and collaborative areas and introduced our workspace of the week series .  

Every week we explore the design and layout of some of the world’s most inspiring and creative workspaces from established companies including LinkedIn and Google to inspire others to redesign their workspaces  as a physical extension of their brand, helping to attract and retain top talent. We also visited offices during workplace week from the 14 th – 18 th of November to take a look at some of London’s most iconic workspaces whilst raising money for Children in Need.  Throughout the week we found out how large corporate companies such as JLL and RBS attracted and retained top talent with unique spaces within their offices as well as noticing recurring key trends – to find out more about these trends, take a look at our blog .

To top this fantastic year off, we announced that we have opened a brand new office in the iconic city of New York which has expanded our global reach and capabilities being able to collaborate with even more companies in the US. We’re excited to find out what the new year will bring for Spacestor, but we’re certain it’s going to be exciting after the amazing experiences we’ve had this year! Follow us on LinkedIn,  Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our updates and news as we enter 2017.