The story of our new brand identity...

We know what it is to evolve - we scan the horizon for workspace trends and new ways of working. But you may have noticed that we look different. A gradual change prompted our new brand identity.

Spacestor and Table Portfolio were once two separate companies with one owner. Over time, we have worked closer together, sharing sales and operational resources until, in effect, we became one company. To make it easier for our customers, Spacestor and Table Portfolio have merged, and now both trade under the name of Spacestor. This development proved the ideal opportunity to refresh our brand identity – to set out our values, to share with you what we stand for and our approach. This is then expressed in all that we do, consistently. In this way, from your first glance at Spacestor, you start to have a clear idea of what we’re about and what to expect from us. Our fresh new logo and brand identity express our market position accurately and are more in tune with your expectations. Over 22 years, Spacestor has evolved from a small cabinet manufacturer into a global furniture manufacturer with a reputation for quality, innovation and exceptional customer service. We have a passion for creating innovative storage and furniture solutions for groundbreaking workspaces that enable your people to do their best work.

Our experience gives us insight and understanding, but we are keen to know more about how we can help you. Our mission is to ‘ make workspace easy ’ by facilitating your optimum workspace – one that will drive business success. But that’s enough about us. We’d like to know more about you and your challenges, in order to offer bespoke solutions. To find out more about what we can offer you, do contact us today for a free consultation. Call 020 8997 7899 To see the complete Table Portfolio range of tables click here .