Workspace of the Week - King, Stockholm

For this week’s Workspace of the week, we’re looking to the amazing offices of game development studio, King, in Stockholm. Originally, King’s offices were designed to reflect their work in the gaming industry, drawing inspiration from games such as Candy Crush with a garish cartoon theme running throughout, but for this project, designers Adolfsson & Partners decided to go back to basics. The theme was based on the Swedish forest with the intention to replicate the inspiring and calming effect one gets from spending time in natural surroundings and apply this to the workspace. The lighting was built into walls and building columns, rather than standard office ceiling lights, to reiterate the feeling of “being in a forest where the light changes depending on the season.” This created a breathtaking effect, casting shadows on the plywood silhouettes of woodland animals and trees. To maximise natural light, a sunken glass-roofed “well” was built and quickly became the centrepiece of the enchanted forest office space. We absolutely love the interactive flooring which is designed as a stream connecting different areas of the office workspace, reacting to footsteps and creating ripples on the surface when walked upon. As well as being able to sit on the many steps in the forest, hanging chair baskets are dotted around to allow employees time to work right in the heart of the enchanted forest.   What a creative workspace! See the full project here.