Workspace of the Week - Dropbox, San Francisco

Dropbox has recently revamped their headquarters based in San Francisco, architecture firm Rapt Studio took on the role of redesigning the headquarters and turned the space into a vibrant and open workspace complete with departments that every Dropbox employee will enjoy.

Within a large company comes a wide range of cultures and personalities and Dropbox have made sure that their workspace caters for all with spaces that include a large social areas ideal for meeting up with other employees, collaborating on creative projects or just to take a break from the busy office desk, a lobby filled with greenery in a light and open space and a cleverly positioned mirror to not only make the room look larger but to also represent Dropbox’s value of “infinite depth of storage and possibility”

Along with this, the 300,000 square foot space includes a casual karaoke bar, a variety of meeting rooms giving employees enough space to use for important discussions and a large library too. The overall design of the headquarters was inspired by the city of San Francisco as the designers created ‘neighbourhoods’ to break the common theme of hallways within a workspace creating a flowing office with a variety of themes to suit the employee's mood every day. Dropbox has created a headquarters that will not only attract a multitude of personalities but will also attract the top talent of the future with this trendy and unconventional headquarters.

Take a look at Dropbox’s revamped headquarters in San Francisco. *Image take from: