Workspace of the Week - Fairtrade Offices, London
Fairtrade's new London offices inject life into the employee's surroundings, whilst echoing the charity's voice and values through creative design.

Thirdway Interiors have recently redesigned the non-profit organisation, Fairtrade's offices in London.

Coming from a former space which was outdated, too big for their team and didn't represent the company's core values, Fairtrade took the opportunity to start afresh in a new space in East London, appointing Thirdway Interiors to design and deliver a project which represented their core values - better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Part of the brief was to portray the true reason of why Fairtrade exists into the employee's surroundings, echoing the charity's voice and values through creative design.

The front of house and meeting rooms are focused on the voices of those in the Fairtrade producer network, with a space which clients can update to display various merchandising materials as necessary to showcase producers from around the world talking about their partnership with the Foundation.

The space includes a variety of working areas, for both permanent and hot-desking space. 'Phone booth' meeting rooms support quiet working or phonecalls, and a large breakout kitchen area provides an area for staff to be refreshed. Perhaps one of the most unique parts of this project is the bright yelow meeting room with its sensational hanging banana ceiling - providing a bold splash of colour to the space as well as a stark acknowledgement of the work that Fairtrade does.

A bespoke graffiti mural in the workstation areas brings to life Fairtrade's brand messaging - that consumers have the power in their choices to make a difference every day. Just by their shopping choices, they can get farmers a better deal and help them to lead the dignified life everyone deserves. Meeting rooms feature bespoke wallpaper created by taking prints of authentic coffee sacks and glass partitions are detailed with geographical themed illustrations to represent the worldwide relationships that Fairtrade has formed.

A staircase connects the upper and lower floors along with the hanging plants - designed to promote wellbeing amongst Fairtrade's staff.