Workspace of the Week - Google, Cambridge, Massachusetts

We all know that Google offices are incredibly creative and their workspaces around the globe inspire many companies to change their workspaces in the hope to attract the new generation of sociable and creative workers. They are trendsetters and this office space is another inspiring workspace filled with plenty of amenities that the next generation craves. Google’s Cambridge office space in Boston, Massachusetts is a vibrant, innovative and influential space home to quirky furniture, colourful interior design and themed rooms designed for employees to have the chance to work somewhere new every day. There are no limits for Google employees as this workspace is filled with a range of spaces that encourages collaboration in an agile environment. Once inside this fantastic space you’ll find unique rooms with fun elements including a mini golf area, tea cup pods for small meetings or sociable interaction, bunk bed designed areas to rest in, an open kitchen/café area, lounge style seating spaces and a beautiful open garden for employees to enjoy a break during working hours or even work outside. As well as being able to enjoy the great outdoors in this space, employees also have the opportunity to visit a large gym complete with plenty of space to take part in fitness classes and yoga sessions while at work. While the workspace offers all this and more, it provides a warm, inviting and casual feel that many employees are looking for. The design allows staff to enjoy their colourful surroundings with plenty of natural light while engaging in serious work. With a fantastic range of amenities and rooms that foster productivity, encourage collaboration and improve well-being, it's no wonder that Google's offices set the trends and inspire others to improve and think about how they can change their space to keep up with the trends and attract Generation Z. Take a look at Google's Cambridge office in Massachusetts. *Image taken from