Workspace of the Week - Kwerk, Paris

Kwerk is a unique 24/7 co-working space in Paris designed for employees to enjoy working in an open and creative environment.

The aspiration of this stunning Parisian workspace is to bring those of different backgrounds together to share their quirky personality, share ideas and inspire with their enterprising spirit. This workspace, designed by founders Albert Angel and Lawrence Knights, was inspired by travel and unique places they have visited. The mixture of boutique hotel design, art gallery and stage design create a distinctive and sophisticated workspace with rich warm tones, a variety of casual furniture along with areas that encourage a collaborative work ethic no matter the industry.

Each floor within the office is different, catering to the wide range of personalities and working styles that flow through the workspace. Employees can enjoy a well-equipped gym complete with changing rooms, a yoga studio, individual showers, a collection of meeting spaces and booths designed for focused work. In the summer, employees can also use the outdoor terrace known as the ‘forbidden courtyard terrace’ with sociable seating arrangements and sculptures.

Since the designers believe that ‘isolation is the enemy of creativity’ this open and agile space is perfect for those with who wish to work in an unconventional office space while sharing ideas with a variety of creative professionals. Take a look at the collaborative Kwerk co-working office in Paris.

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