Workspace Of The Week - MOBI, Zionsville, Indiana

Mobility management platform company MOBI ’s new workspace in Indiana has been designed encourage employees to collaborate and express their creativity in their new vibrant 60,000 square foot space complete with a trendy West Coast vibe.

This large space includes a variety of meeting, conference and training rooms that are branded with different bands and well known artists such as Snoop Dogg and Megan Trainor, a movie theatre for staff to enjoy after a long day at work, and the opportunity to enjoy free local craft beer during the final hour of the working day too – again encouraging staff to be more sociable at work.

Along with these employee amenities, staff are encouraged to interact which is increased by the low walls between the desks throughout the office – allowing employees to increase social interaction without being hidden away by traditional cubical in an office.

The overall design of this workspace reflects the brand's cool tech culture with casual areas to relax including a large living room with a fire-place and plush seating to make staff feel like they are at home. For MOBI it was important that their space encouraged staff to work together and be inspired by eachothers ideas, the central collaborative zone is open and comfortable and the design of the space reflects where the brand has come from.

We admire the amount of space that MOBI has provided their staff with throughout the new workspace and the aim to encourage more teams to interact socially as well as professionally during work too. We think that their aim to provide a casual and spacious environment for their current staff will definitely attract top talent for years to come. Take a look at the new MOBI office in Zionsville, Indiana.


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