Workspace of the Week - New Lego Headquarters, Denmark

Lego has released its plans for their brand new headquarters based in the small town of Billund, Denmark! As a fun, iconic and creative company, it’s only right to design a workspace that encourages creativity, fun, and collaboration. Due to be completed by 2020, this incredible office is a generation Z’s dream with a wide range of spaces that employees can enjoy including a large vibrant indoor garden, a huge multi-level atrium which can be used for informal meeting points, a gym that encourages well-being within the workplace and a mini golf course on the roof too. The overall design of the workspace encourages casual collaboration and Lego’s aim is to create and environment that is playful for its employees mirroring the brand's vibrant products with the use of colour and furniture in the agile designed space. They will also be incorporating more soft seating and sofas to attract a more collaborative work ethic and for the travelling employees of Lego, the company will also create an area of the building called the 'Lego People House' where they will be given their own rooms, meals, and a social area perfect for socialising and project based work. Even though this fantastic workspace won't be finished for a while, we’re certain that it will be the focus of the workspace trend world with its imaginative design and aim to introduce a highly collaborative and dynamic space for all of its 4000 employees. We’re looking forward to the final build! Take a look at the design plans for the Lego headquarters in Denmark. *Image taken from