Workspace of the Week - Nordea Seaport Offices, Gdynia
IT company Nordea Seaport have created their stunning new offices in Gdnyia, Poland – a space designed for people, combining functionality with elements of a narrative design.

Facing a challenge to build the best office in the Tri-City, whilst designing a workplace for people, Workplace Solutions  were engaged by Nordea Seaport to create a workspace focusing on Reputation, Flexibility, Comfort and Work Quality.

The project started with a workshop which was designed to develop the concept of the future office, creating a universal, functional office for teams working in agile systems. Agile teams are like small yachting teams, merging to achieve a selected objective at a set time. Cooperating with programmers, Nordea Seaport have designed a customised, modular system of rooms that are inspired by a ship-yard theme.

The design was inspired by the city of Gdynia. A port city of a unique seaside atmosphere referring also to the organisation’s Nordic roots. Particular floors are organised around themes referring to the main elements of the city.

The shipyard-inspired floor is called the ‘Reloading Port.’ Its core is like a large vessel, and the rooms’ sheet-metal wall covering is reminiscent of full containers. The other floors refer to the yachting, fishing and naval ports with characteristic space-branding and elements of scenography incorporated in the internal design. The bridge, windsurfing sails, fishermen’s huts and the sky over the wooden deck of a yacht are all elements that enrich the office space, shaping its identity.

Management work on a floor which has been designed in the style of pre-war Gdynia modernism. Meanwhile, the multi-function ground floor references Kościuszko Square and its surroundings. This is the heart of the company and any employee can work, rest or hold a meeting here.

The narrative of the office is built on shipyard-inspired elements such as containers, ‘import’ and ‘export’ meeting rooms, and zones reminiscent of a ship’s bow and stern.

The design as a whole is complemented with attractive films presenting a bird’s-eye view of Gdynia and its environs, displayed on screens in the common areas. Special care has been taken to present the beauty of this region and to enrich the internal design with a virtual version of landscape architecture.