Workspace of the Week - R/GA Headquarters, New York

This week we’re looking at the incredibly well-connected R/GA headquarters in New York City. This huge 200,000 square foot workspace offers a creative, collaborative and innovative place for employees to work. The main aim for the creative advertising agency was to also create a space in which everyone was connected, the open design does just that as it offers employees the opportunity to enjoy casual interaction while working in a productive and positive atmosphere in spaces that encourage collaboration too. These minimal designed open spaces include a wide range of chairs and tables and stylish informal sofas perfect for employees to enjoy lunch or host impromptu meetings without the need of an enclosed small meeting room. R/GA proudly display their trophies and awards on a large wall as a reminder of the amount of fantastic work their company has produced over the years and also to show how important employees are to the company and the work they produce. On the 12 th floor of this vast office space, you can enjoy 30 large screens displaying photos of creative teams in the company, the work produced and projects by R/GA and the highlights. This is a great way of inspiring the workforce in an open setting. The office space is also extremely adaptable and can be configured and adapted to any need with its modular design throughout. The simple changes such as adding a work desk or creating a social space with the use of modular furniture allows employees to have the freedom to work flexibly. This workspace is completely digital and features an R/GA office app keeping everyone in the workspace connected and up to date with the latest project and case studies as well as descriptions and information on the R/GA chairman and chief executive Bob Greenberg’s collection of private art that is displayed throughout the office too. The R/GA workspace is inspiring and innovative with its ability to foster imagination and collaboration throughout and we think it’s a workspace that is destined to set new trends in the ever-changing world of workspace trends and design. Take a look at the stunning R/GA headquarters .