Workspace of the Week - Samsung Headquarters, Silicon Valley.

This week we’re taking a look at Samsung’s brand new headquarters based in Silicon Valley! The large and structurally beautiful headquarters is an incredible 10 storey building that is known as the largest office in North America. Samsung's office space is home to a variety of spaces to work and relax including garden floors designed for employees to get away from the working environment inside the building and enjoy socialising in an open setting. The prominent headquarters also boasts diverse workspaces for employees who seek a different place to work in every day, large open collaborative spaces to use as meeting points or work with other members of the company, outdoor terraces used for working in the sunshine or to just to take a break and enjoy the views across L.A. Along with all this, there are fantastic employee amenities such as a fitness centre, nap pod rooms to ensure that workers can recharge at work and music listening rooms with coloured lights too. In order to attract the top talent, Samsung has included chill zones, games and flat-screen televisions dotted around the campus, there are plenty of places to unwind during the working week at Samsung HQ. We especially love how Samsung have created this large workspace to cater for different types of workers with the variety of outdoor, indoor, collaborative and quiet areas to use throughout the development. This open, vibrant and diverse workspace is perfect for the next generation of workers and with the range of fun and creative amenities featured in the headquarters, we feel that Samsung will definitely attract a wide range of new talent in Silicon Valley for years to come. Take a look at the trend-setting Samsung Headquarters here . *Photo taken from