Workspace of the Week - TripAdvisor Headquarters

This week, we're feeling inspired by the TripAdvisor headquarters in Needham, Massachusetts. Known globally for their website providing travel advice and reviews, TripAdvisor’s workspace is inspired by travel and have even branded each floor of the office as a continent. Each floor is infused with an array of artwork, social spaces, colourful furniture and creative backdrops perfect for a wide range of employees to not only cater for their work style but to also find inspiration on a daily basis too. The companies main goal was to create an “un-corporate” headquarters and to bring everyone together to embrace different cultures and work styles in a collaborative and informally designed workspace. This fantastic office features a large open ceiling providing natural light throughout, sizeable and open work spaces and meeting points offering the chance to work away from the desk and meet in sociable areas, game rooms, a well equipped gym promoting good health and well-being within the workplace and integrated technologies to ensure that work can be done on the move around the office too. With personalisable workstations, a stylish and modern loft design complete with an incredible grand staircase inspired by the grand Spanish Steps in Rome, TripAdvisor's workspace is designed to appeal to every generation and is the perfect place to collaborate and enjoy a vibrant working environment. Take a look at TripAdvisor's creative headquarters . *Photo taken from