Workspace of the Week - UKTV London Office

UKTV ’s office is ‘built for innovation’ with a sophisticated and creative design. We're inspired by the companies ability to introduce a more sociable environment with the use of incredible giant round sofas, communal storage areas and a fantastic cafe-bar perfect for a catch up after a long day at work.

Not only are they a fan of bright and eclectic furniture, this office is also home to a contemporary grand staircase designed by Aldworth James & Bond that flows through the workspace, innovative mobile technology systems allowing employees to work anywhere in the fantastic sociable environment including the outdoor terrace with a wifi connection and a trend watching video wall to keep employees up to date with trend news in the media industry.

Along with the convenient technology in the workspace, UKTV’s office wouldn’t be complete without the humorous additions of a giant 15-metre parrot head statue, a knight in shining armour placed at the top of the staircase and quirky named meeting rooms such as ‘The Room with the Big Pink Sofa'.

Facilities director Sarah Nelson wanted to create a sophisticated and stimulating workspace for the UKTV employees giving them the freedom to work around the office with new technology and become inspired by their surroundings.

“Most importantly technology is at the heart of our progressive new workspace, and it will give everyone at UKTV the freedom to work creatively and collaboratively. The complete end result is amazing and I am so proud of what has been achieved.” Sarah Nelson, UKTV facilities director.

We love how UKTV have focused on making sure their space promotes a sociable and fun environment to work in to ensure that employees and inspired and proud of the brand they work for.

Take a look at the bright and eclectic UKTV workspace .

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