Workspace of the Week - Vanke, China
China's largest residential real estate developer has created a workspace that boasts a vibrant and conceptual design encouraging collaborative work.

Vanke is the largest residential real estate developer in China.

The company develops, manages and sells properties across more than 60 mainland Chinese cities. Recently Vanke partnered with ZhangJiang municipality to create one of the best co-creative spaces in Shanghai, China. Designed by Swedish interior design company Muraya, this stunning workspace boasts a vibrant and conceptual design to encourage collaborative work.

Throughout the space, you’ll find individual work settings, casual meeting points, a sleek showroom and collaborative spaces. This workspace offers plenty of relaxed zones and the large communal space includes a beautiful open plan design with casual seating, low-lit staircases and an event space used for seminars or presentations. The interior design boasts character with variant colours and low light panels within the walls and staircases to complete the look.

Along with this, small biophilic elements have been added to the workspace with vibrant glass meeting rooms to ensure that employees still feel connected to their surroundings. We admire how Vanke’s workspace is filled with a collection of well-designed areas for a variety teams to work in, collaborate and continue to be inspired by. Take a look at Vanke's beautiful co-working space in Shanghai China.