Workspace of the Week - Weebly, California

This week’s workspace of the week is website design and hosting company Weebly ’s creative office space based in the heart of San Francisco, California. The workspace design was inspired by Weebly’s culture of being an open, high quality and approachable company which definitely reflects the design of this fantastic space. The 33,000 square foot space features a wide range of areas with large informal sofas and bench desks that encourage employees to work away from designated desks and work in more vibrant and sociable spaces. Along with this, the Weebly offices also feature a gym providing plenty of equipment to use during lunch breaks or after work, a shower and changing room, open workspaces with the addition of leather seats and sofas used as informal meeting points, a huge kitchen with plenty of healthy options including fresh salads and dishes prepared by a resident chef and relaxing massage rooms. These features reflect Weebly’s commitment to introducing employee health and happiness in the workplace. And if that’s not enough, Weebly’s workspace also features a hidden vintage bar with rustic furniture and a cocktail bar complete with a DJ booth where you can sometimes find the CEO, David Rusenko serving up a couple of fancy cocktails with the addition of some electronic music in the background. This incredible space boasts fantastic collaborative spaces with multiple work areas allowing employees to enjoy different levels of privacy along with plenty of fun rooms and technology to discover. And with a stunning mix of vintage and modern interiors, this workspace is definitely one to be envious of. Take a look at Weebly’s innovative San Fransico office .