Workspace of the Week - Zendesk, London

This week we’re focusing on Danish customer service software company, Zendesk’s open and sociable workspace based in London. This workspace may not be the largest of all workspaces, but it features plenty of great informal places to work giving employees the opportunity to work freely within the workplace without feeling tied down to their own office desks. Zendesk’s aim was to focus on expressing their brand's qualities and creating a workspace that was humble, charming and uncomplicated in design for its employees to enjoy every day. With this information, the workspace design was inspired by a Danish concept of “hygge” which means coziness. The brand wanted to create a workspace that felt warm, inviting and more like a more like a modern living room rather than a cold corporate office. This great space includes an inviting entrance complete with a coffee bar for visitors, open workstations, private booths created with felt accents to assist with acoustic control for more focused workdays, plenty of storage space and comfortable seating arrangements to encourage collaboration in the workplace too. Along with this,  Zendesk has included a residential style Danish kitchen café, a large event space for community events, and floor to ceiling windows providing a large amount of natural light for the office. We love how Zendesk has provided a clean and open space with no limitations of workspaces to choose from. This sociable and casual workspace is a fantastic example of how to utilise space and encourage collaboration with a plush furniture in an open and modern setting Take a look at Zendesk’s office in London. *Image taken from