Workspace of the Week, Tata Motors
Designed by Sankalpan Infrastructure, the beautifully designed modern space of Tata Motors embodies the values of both brands in its innovative, time-defying nature.

The beautifully designed office of Tata Motors in Mumbai, India is a workspace we can all be jealous of! Designed by Sankalpan Infrastructure, this modern space embodies the values of both brands in its innovative, time-defying nature.

Inspired by the essence of the company itself, a successful automotive manufacturer, Tata uses ideas from road designs and car features to fully embrace its new futuristic, bespoke office space.

Elements from automobiles can be seen all around the office, from a tire used as a wall feature, creating a gorgeous virtual loop to complement Tata’s high-speed designs, to the floor’s genius resemblance to a road itself. To add to the excitement of the space, high-quality graphics from Tata’s hybrid car, Megapixel, are used across the office, incorporated on to screens, branding elements, and partitions.

The cafeteria was designed with the famous “Marine Drive” and “Girgaon Chowpaty” in mind, with pictures of famous South Bombay landmarks adorning the walls. Taking inspiration from the beauty of India adds an element of home grown love to this international corporation.

The office space was designed with a new style of internal corporate relationships at the forefront. The shift from traditional business values to a collaborative, flexible and forwarding thinking organisation is reflected in the new open plan design. Not only optimising the use of the 55,000 sqft building, but also financially efficient by being easy to reconfigure as the company grows and expands.

Building on the vision for a new, employee friendly atmosphere, the office also incorporates as much natural light in to the space as possible. With stunning terraced views that break up the monotony of the urban scene of Mumbai, there is sure to be a high level of employee satisfaction when working for this forward-thinking automotive manufacturer. Images from Office Snapshots