Did you see my chicken?

We’ve set ideas free at Clerkenwell Design Week

Celebrity chefs, pop-up bistros, tea tastings and cocktails… While several events for Clerkenwell Design Week have celebrated design by offering all manner of foodie delights, we've been talking ‘free range’. This week, it’s been all about bringing down the barriers to free thinking at Spacestor. We’re campaigning against battery-farm style office layouts, in favour of a more relaxed style that syncs with the latest trends such as agile working. And visitors to our showroom in Clerkenwell Street have proved fans of this approach, from the Nelson soft seating-cube-for-two, to the Hub integrated desk/storage/seating/area division for dynamic working. They’ve also enjoyed coffees ordered via phone app, courtesy of Danish company Scanomat, to illustrate innovative breakout facilities. We’re all for having a breather and a chat – that’s when some of the best ideas are batted around.

‘With workers becoming more mobile and as businesses embrace “activity-based working”, the work environment is in the spotlight,’ says marketing manager Nick Stedman. ‘Providing an alternative to the formality of traditional workspaces, we’re passionate about creating a setting that facilitates collaboration and teamwork.’

When it comes down to it, our furniture is all about people, and inspiring excellence. If you couldn’t make it to our showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week, why not book your own one-to-one appointment to see how we enable businesses to transform their workspace and gain a competitive edge. Call 020 8997 7899.

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