Electronic lockers: A study in value

Here at Spacestor, we offer two types of locker systems: mechanical and electronic. Let's take a look at the associate value of installing an electronic locker system.

Mechanical options are simple, effective and low in cost. They include combination locks, padlock hasps, coin-operated mechanisms, and so on. Electronic options allow for true, dynamic, admin free locker assignment and full security control with an audit trail. No keys, and no manual record keeping. As you would expect, electronic lockers require a larger investment than mechanical lockers. But are they worth it in the long run? Here are some aspects to consider.

Up to 50% fewer lockers required

Providing a permanent locker for every employee is expensive and requires a lot of space. Half of the UK’s workforce is mobile. For a company that embraces agile working, activity-based working , or shift work, providing a locker for each employee means that the locker goes unused most of the time. An electronic locker allows you to allocate lockers dynamically.

No admin fees

Electronic lockers can be integrated with existing access controls, so set-up is simple and easy. With their intuitive self-service systems, there’s no time consuming paperwork. With full digital audit trails, the work is done securely and automatically. You’ll save money on admin, allowing your staff to focus on what’s really important.

No keys to replace

Not only do you have the annoyance and cost of replacing keys when they are lost, but lost keys pose a security risk – potentially leading to expensive whole-mechanism replacement. With digital swipe-cards, each card can be programmed remotely. A lost card poses no problem, and no potentially expensive threat.

Moves and adapts with your business

Not all locker systems are as flexible and adaptable as ours, but HotLocker Agile, our electronic locker system, your investment isn’t tied to a particular location. So, if you move offices (or just have a change around), you can rebuild and relocate your electronic lockers however and wherever you need them, making them a truly future-proof and long-term investment.

Higher security

As well as robust construction that’s built to last, our electronic lockers contain a tamper-proof alarm that can trigger a security camera and send a notification to your mobile. What would be the cost to your organisation if your lockers weren’t as secure? As you can see, electronic lockers are often well worth the investment. (And they don’t just provide you with a lifetime of value – they also give your organisation that competitive edge and stand you apart as a leader in your industry.) If you or your clients decide to invest in electronic lockers for your company, take a look at our prestigious, high-quality offering: HotLocker Agile >

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