HotLocker Agile: Intelligent, electronic lockers

Introducing 2 new Spacestor products: HotLocker is our flexible, modular, secure personal storage system with designer appeal. HotLocker Agile is our electronic option for advanced security and flexible working.

Let’s take a closer look at HotLocker Agile. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Keyless/codeless operation – no admin support, key or intervention required
  • Red/green indicator availability systems – for fast available locker identification
  • Integration with existing access control – minimises admin costs
  • Dynamic or fixed locker assignment – multiple people to one locker saves money and space
  • Wired locks – remote administration, up-to-the-minute audit trail, and no battery to change
  • Tamper-proof alarm – high strength lock with 200KN breaking force, SMS or email notification plus CCTV trigger
  • Fully complementary to Spacestor systems – grow, scale and extend

HotLocker Agile enables you to save space and money by making lockers easily sharable. It’s the perfect, super-secure system for forward-thinking companies that embrace mobile and activity-based working. Find out more >

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