Introducing the Amenity-Rich Workplace
More and more companies are finding it beneficial to provide plenty of appealing amenities to attract and retain top talent. Here is Spacestor's guide to the Amenity-Rich Workplace...

The Amenity-Rich Workplace trend is largely inspired by the success of shared coworking spaces and Silicon Valley tech firms, both of which tend to provide a far wider and more enticing spread of amenities than the average, old-fashioned office. Offering a bounty of exceptional amenities and perks is one of the ways that such places differentiate themselves from their rivals. So, in order to attract and retain top talent, and keep existing staff engaged and onsite for longer each day, more and more companies are finding it beneficial to provide plenty of practical and appealing amenities. Here’s Spacestor’s guide to the Amenity-Rich Workplace.

The Most Sought-After Amenities

In today’s workplace, the most sought-after amenities are those that connect directly to employees’ most pressing needs: innovation hubs and maker spaces for group collaboration and innovation sessions, and quiet (or even sometimes tech-free) zones and meeting pods for focused individual work and private conversations. Other popular amenities that help staff get their work done include outdoor workspaces, dedicated focus rooms, work cafes, phone rooms and libraries.

And the Least

Conversely, amenities with a non-work focus deliver the smallest performance gains. Cafeterias, break rooms, lounges and games rooms don’t help employees do their jobs and so generate very little value for them or their companies. Ping pong tables, foosball tables and video games machines might make an office look fun and trendy at first, but they’re not so useful in the long run.

Raised Wellbeing

There is an exception to the rule that amenities with a non-work focus deliver small gains however: amenities that help raise general health and wellbeing levels are extremely popular with staff. A recent survey found that 87% of workers would like their employer to offer healthier workspace benefits; furthermore, 93% of workers in the tech industry say they’d stay longer at a company that offers such benefits. These kinds of amenities include the provision of healthy food and beverage options, wellness rooms, company fitness benefits, outdoors areas, sit-stand desks and ergonomic seating, shower facilities, bicycle storage and more. All of these are great for wellbeing.

More Personalization

The latest technology allows buildings to offer smart amenities which cater to individual needs and offer more personalized experiences. For instance, increased connectivity can give staff more control over their environment: think phone apps that can control window shades or tablets that can adjust the temperature. The smartest buildings can even learn each individual’s preferences and adjust their surrounding conditions accordingly. Allowing employees to control their working environment—or to have their ambient working environment seamlessly adapt itself to them—is great for morale and leads to increased productivity.

Away from Your Desk

As a recent Gensler report on planning better cities explained, “Design is no longer just about creating beautiful things. It’s about creating experiences that connect people to the places where they live, work and play. Unwavering focus on the human experience.

The most progressive employers like to further support a healthy work-life balance by assisting with personal tasks such as childcare, elderly care, pet care or even by offering concierge services for daily errands. Amenities and services like these help create a holistic working environment in which employees can connect and bond and refresh their spirits. They also create a greater sense of community and help promote good health and wellness for all.

Workplaces are no different. For top talents, everywhere becomes a potential work setting—and so they should be provided with everything they need, wherever they are. In fact, research shows that people who work away from their desks are actually higher performing: meaning that an office that offers a diverse range of workspaces and appropriate amenities will make for a happier, more engaged and more productive workforce. The Amenity-Rich Workplace encourages staff to stick around and move around, and stimulate their imaginations, and have chance encounters; all of which helps them to flourish and their companies to thrive.