Journeying A Design District - Clerkenwell Design Trail

From October 4th to 5th, the Clerkenwell Design Trail embraced a concentrated celebration of the Architecture and Design community on the streets of Clerkenwell. A trail of pink returned to EC1, bringing with it an optimistic energy and reviving the district with new design ideas and the forging of a stronger community in the UK’s epicentre of design.

Spacestor took part in the trail, sharing their expert knowledge and insights with the industry. Personal tours navigated the New Landscape for Work, highlighting our classic and newest products alike with the part they play in creating an experiential workplace and attracting and retaining talent to our spaces. A playful take on architectural creativity meant visitors could compete in our ‘Aeonica Aspirations’ challenge to create a workspace with just 18 pieces of Aeonica. This product is Spacestor’s award-winning space landscaping tool, a set of 5 pieces for the designer which can be configured to create almost endless configurations.

Our presence in this iconic design hub reaffirms our dedication to excellence in design and our role in shaping the future of the workplace. The Clerkenwell Design Trail provided us with a unique platform to share our vision, connect with like-minded individuals, and leave an indelible mark on the design landscape!

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