A new generation of board finishes

You won’t believe these aren't the real thing

Break free from traditional limitations when working in faced board. Experience the design freedom of working with inspired finishes – finishes that look so like natural materials that they escape closer scrutiny. Spacestor’s great ambition is to bring inspired design within reach of every corporate interior. To provide flexibility and choice. To enable workplace interiors that stimulate, motivate, and educate. We’re excited to announce our new range of decors and textures – faced board designs and surface textures that create calm wood-finish interiors or contemporary matt-colour schemes. We love them. Lots of customer comments show that we’re not alone. We think you’ll feel the same.

Ceramic Anthracite

Pencil Line

Jackson Pine

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20 new décor designs and 7 revolutionary textures, give unprecedented design scope. From painted wood to ceramic or perfect matt, these creative finishes, combined with Spacestor’s production capacity, means that we can convert almost any inspiration into reality. Strike out. Do something different. Turn a functional necessity into a talking point or centrepiece. Click here to see how you can create unique workspaces with Hub, or arrange a visit to our showrooms.

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