Open plan, glass façade - where can I put my graphics?

Office branding is big business. Savvy companies are realising that marketing efforts start from their own desks, and we’re seeing a rise in cleverly crafted spaces to express a company’s personality. But branding an office is so much more than just a logo on the wall. Done properly, it will reflect your company’s core values and goals, give a great first impression to potential clients and employees and inspire your staff to do great things. It’s not just for the likes of huge multi-national corporations like Google or Lego . From subtle and serious to quirky and creative, it’s a smart way for any business, small or large, to make a real impact in the workplace. But places to display branding are steadily diminishing. We tend to work in more open-plan offices - cubicles and partitions are out, glass walls and collaborative areas are in. Office space is at a premium, so it makes sense to make any available space work for you in as many ways as possible. Spacestor’s Storage wall and HotLocker not only provide a stylish storage solution, but they are fully customisable and brandable. You can easily make it yours, whether that’s adding your own graphics, or choosing from a huge range of colour palettes and finishes. Instead of hiding away your storage space, you can proudly display it at the heart of your office. It can tell your story and reflect your vision as well as being an essential piece of furniture for your day-to-day business needs. And if you find you need to change things around a few years down the line, their modular design ensures you can seamlessly add any units from the rest of our range, switch out colours or even adapt it to a new space, all without the need for expensive joinery. You get a future-proof, flexible and bespoke branded storage solution to make the maximum impact with the minimum of fuss. Want to brand your workspace?  We'd love to get in touch... click here to contact us!

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