Orgatec 2014

50,000 visitors from over 120 countries – truly the leading international trade fair for Office and Object.

5 of us went from Spacestor to see what is happening in the workplace right now, and what the market wants tomorrow. Here are a few things we noticed: My space The rise of the collaborative working environment is obviously raising challenges for acoustic privacy. With a notable proliferation of soft furniture, upholstered surfaces, meeting pods and private-space seating, our basic need for occasional focus-time in peace and quiet can be met with products like Snugglestor , Nelson and Ellipsis High .

Multi use furniture A cupboard is no longer just storage. Whole office zones can be created with connected and interchangeable cupboards, desking, personal storage, seating and screening. We have noticed this need for a while and have developed the Hub range to enable flexible and intelligent divisions of space that can be tailored to specific work types, but there is more coming…

Bring the outside in A rise of more natural MFCs, stone veneers, wax-filled concrete panels and living walls, to name a few, demonstrate how manufacturing advancements combined with a desire for the raw-natural have resulted in a new generation of surfaces. Traditional yet contemporary – see how we have used Jackson Pine and Rust in our own offices.

Stand Up – Sitting is unhealthy More and more studies confirm the health benefits of standing at least some of your day, and products to facilitate working on your feet were in abundance at the show. We believe our electric adjustable Mono bench workstation is the only solution that can be retro-fitted to an existing static installation.

So what are we doing next? Well, stay tuned to find out, but we can definitely promise some exciting developments around the next generation of flexible, office working.

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