Our New Sterling Board Finish – Office Chic Without The Cost

Ever fancied bringing the ‘urban loft’ look to your office? Spacestor can now offer our modulated furniture finished in orientated strand board (or OSB – also known as Sterling board). These wood-based panels can be found on construction sites all over the country, but are currently making their mark in the interior design world. A strikingly aesthetic look at a cost-effective option, they can be used to highlight particular areas in the office, and at the same 18mm thickness, can be mixed and matched with the rest of our product range. Also available with 2mm high impact edging if required. Our OSB finish is also fully customisable. Add your own graphics or a splash of paint for the ultimate on-brand statement. Bringing a natural, raw look to the office, they may look sharp, but all of the corners are carefully sanded, so there’s no chance of splinters. And what’s more, they’re eco-friendly – made from recycled wood particles, you can be sure you’re doing your bit to save the planet. Suitable for all filing, display and locker modules, we can offer the same lead-times as other finishes, as well as our usual wide range of fixtures and fittings. Sterling board offers contemporary looks at a sterling price. What’s not to love? Call us on 020 8997 7899 or email [email protected] to find out more.

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