Presenting Fenix NTM - A Supermatt, Self-Healing Finish

Spacestor is proud to be able to offer an innovative new supermatt finish on all of our products! The high-tech Fenix NTM finish uses nanotechnology to combine both sleek aesthetics and incredible durability. Click here to view it on display at 100% Design 2015. Italian by design, the super-opaque surface reflects very little light, resulting in a stylish flat matt look to make an impact in any inspiring office design.  Check it out on our new Zee Bench Desk ! Not only does it provide a modern finish, but it boasts self-healing properties to ensure it stays looking great for years to come. The clever nanotechnology allows any micro-scratches to be thermally healed in a matter of seconds. Pleasantly soft to the touch, yet tough against all the everyday bumps and knocks around the office it’s water, mould and dry heat resistant. It can be used in place of glass, wood, laminate or nearly any surface you can think of, horizontal or vertical. Anti-bacterial properties make it suitable for kitchens and break-out areas, as well as being finger-print resistant, which makes it a doddle to keep clean. The Fenix NTM finish comes in a wide range of colours to suit all colour-schemes. The depth of colour is simply astounding, which, combined with its lightfast properties will guarantee you have a soft and stylish surface which continues to look great even with repeated use. Finally, you don’t have to choose between good looks and durability – with Fenix NTM, you can have them both. If you want to chat to us about incorporating this exciting new finish in your office design, call us today.

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