The reason why we can say 'Yes.'

Spacestor’s 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facility is pivotal to our customer-focussed approach. With extensive stocks of panel products, components, fittings and ironmongery we can respond to both high and low volume requirements quickly. [video width="715" height="448" mp4="" loop="true" autoplay="true"][/video]   Complete control over our production lines means we can schedule projects according to customer need. This allows us to be very flexible with leadtimes – sometimes manufacturing and installing in as little as 3 days! The facility has been designed for maximum efficiency and minimal disruption. Processes are based on the lean production model and all manufacturing equipment is duplicated giving us protection against breakdowns and the ability to scale manufacturing up or down as required. Manufacturing produces waste which we handle responsibly. All board offcuts are shredded on site and fed into our 300kwh biomass burner. Energy from this is used to heat the factory, offices and the entire building hot water. In addition most other waste is fed into one of 4 recycling streams leaving under 5% going to landfill.

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