The Changing Office: Predicting Trends at Worktech

What’s next for the changing workplace? We got a glimpse into the next big office trends earlier this week when we attended the Worktech conference in Canary Wharf. Spacestor were sponsors for the conference, which brought together over 200 leading industry professionals for two days of discussion, debate and talks on innovation and the future of the workplace. From HR to the hi-tech, workplace design to staff wellbeing, a wide range of topics were covered, with exciting new insights. Collaboration One of the most salient points was the drive towards a more collaborative workforce, which goes far beyond encouraging staff to be ‘team players’. Not only have a surge of freelancers and part-time workers caused a boom in co-working spaces, but we have a more diverse workforce than ever. With many workplaces housing four very different generations ( Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and the Millennials ) , finding new ways for staff to work harmoniously and brilliantly together is both an interesting and tricky prospect. Freedom The ability to be adaptable is at the heart of collaborative working, and one of the ideas that excites us most of all is the idea of a fluid workplace – one that staff can change themselves to suit their needs through the use of cleverly designed furniture. With more employers realising that staff are at their best when given some freedom, allowing them to set up a space that works well for them will give them the greatest chance of coming up with inspiring new ideas. And by bringing people together – particularly those from areas of the business who might not usually meet – the odds of a chance meeting, and of fresh new thinking are increased. An effect winsomely called ‘engineered serendipity’. Technology There was plenty of tech-talk too, with a focus on creating better ways for staff to interact with their workspace. From anything as simple as controlling the coffee machine with a smartphone , to a vast integrated network of ‘intelligent buildings’, it’s about using tech smartly to increase productivity and well-being. And of course, happy workers simply work harder. Worktech was a great chance to mingle with some of the most forward-thinkers in the industry, as well as providing Spacestor with some serious food-for-thought. Watch this space! Email [email protected] or call 020 8997 7899 to find out more!

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