The Changing Office: Trend #3 - Are you good enough for them?

First we had the baby boomers, then we had Generation X, but now the millennials are here to shake things up. Within the workplace the baby boomers and Generation X typically are team players, traditional hard-workers and loyal. But the millennials want new ways of working. Forget being confined to a cubicle, forget the typical 9-5 and you can definitely forget about micro-management. Companies need to take a different approach to hiring. It’s no longer, ‘Are they good enough for us?’ but rather, ‘Are we good enough for them?’

Reshaping the workplace

A recent study commissioned by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has highlighted just how the millennials (typically those born between 1980 and 2000) are reshaping the workplace as we know it. This new influx of young graduates simply won’t settle for less – the study found that 38% of millennials were currently looking for a new job, with 43% saying they were open to offers. A measly 18% expected to stay long-term with their current employer. Throughout 20 years of furniture manufacturing, we’ve experienced this ourselves. Companies are being required to be less rigid and more innovative to both attract and maintain this new generation of talent. Corporate culture is out and brands are becoming more human and consumer-influenced. Workplaces are listening to their staff’s needs, and to please the choosy millennials, providing a dynamic workspace is absolutely essential.

An Inspirational Environment

The right environment can unlock new potential in powerful ways. Ditch the mundane and predictable, appeal to the go-getting spirit of the millennials and make the office an exciting place to be. Providing a stimulating place for your staff to work can not only ensure that you get talent through the door in the first place, but it can give them the spark they need to really get their creative juices flowing. You don’t need a sprawling multiplex to be exciting. Finding the space to add crisp splashes of colour like our Mono desking , or soft, sumptuous curves with Bobby seating can work wonders. More often than not, refurbishing can be time-consuming, expensive and limited by space. With a modular system like Spacestor’s HotLockers , you can create a striking space without the need for expensive bespoke joinery. With a huge range of finishes, they are fully customisable to meet the needs of your brand and your staff.

Agile Workspaces

Releasing staff from the confines of their desk is one of the smartest moves you can make. With the millennials making full use of today’s on-the-go technology, they expect and demand the ability to work from just about anywhere. With Spacestor’s Hub , you can create a customisable and adaptable agile workspace to fit the needs for any office task. Whether you need an inviting and intimate space for quiet reflection or an informal break-out area with the option of an impromptu meeting over coffee, it’s never been easier. Giving your staff the option to go where they work best increases productivity and more importantly, gets results. Making your office attractive to the millennials is about giving them what they need to flourish. And of course, making sure they stay. To chat to us about how you can adapt your office for the millennials, call us on 020 89977899 today.

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