Winning the war against landfill

Like many businesses, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. One key factor is waste, which is a very real issue to our planet, and therefore to humankind.

If you’ve ever seen a landfill, it really puts things in perspective. Over the last 6 years we have been analysing and cutting back on all our waste streams. And we’re hitting our target of sending only 7% of our waste to landfill. By 2016, we aim to cut this figure down to 0.5%.

How are we doing this?

Well, for a start, we recycle a huge proportion of our materials – and use recycled materials, too. We also pride ourselves on our sustainable product designs – such as our re-locatable, re-configurable modular Storagewall systems. The most recent and exciting step forward is the installation of our Ranheat 300kW biomass boiler to deal with inevitable wood waste. This is fuelled by our factory’s offcuts and the energy output is used to heat our buildings. Other ways we are continuously reducing our waste include:

  • New waste collection points to handle separate waste streams
  • New waste compactor and baler to reduce waste transport miles per tonne and create more efficient recycling at specialist plants
  • On-going staff training to educate on waste separation
  • Swapping non-recyclable consumables to recyclable (e.g. polystyrene to paper cups)
  • Replacing hand towel dispensers with energy-efficient hand dryers

If green responsibility is important to your business too, feel free to talk to us about our schemes and policies.

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