Workplace Week 2014

Google, Mintel, Innocent Drinks, BDO, Edelman, Lloyds of London, Guardian Newspapers, CBI, Invesco, Prostate Cancer and PWC were some of the offices which opened their doors for 90 minutes each during Workplace Week 2014 , to raise money for the BBC’s Children in Need charity.

Fuelled by our love for the ever-changing workplace, 3 of us from Spacestor went along to see what these companies do so differently and how staff interact with these flagship environments.

As we listened to CEOs, FMs and staff teams about their offices with genuine passion, we noted with interest how a well-designed interior truly gets into the soul of the company. Going further than just a place to work, these inspirational workplaces become part of a social life from which employees are reluctant to stay away from for long. We learned a lot, but 4 things in particular struck us as interesting.

  1. To encourage collaboration and maximise workstation usage, some companies insist on a different desk to be used each day. The locker therefore, rather than the desk, becomes that important anchorpoint for each staff member.
  2. We saw how furniture systems like Hub divide off work areas without structurally-intrusive partitioning.
  3. We noticed the popularity of meeting areas – most with themed exteriors and interiors.
  4. And we observed time after time the importance placed on refreshment areas – but not just as a place to unwind; these social areas are where those spontaneous cross-department conversations spark the next big company game-changer.

These companies are forward-thinking organisations that invest in their workplace to provide flexible and stimulating environments - make the workplace fun and you generate ideas and retain your best staff. However, it not only needs to look cool, it needs to function. Flexible desking , storage , screening and seating solutions allow both multiple uses of spaces plus the adaptability to grow and adapt when the business changes.

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