Ariz Barstool
Stylish convenience and flexibility
Product Description
Ariz is a collection of conference / auditorium chairs distinguished by their light form, based on combination of plastic parts – seat and back – with a metal wire frame. To increase the comfort of seating, seat and backrest can be fabric upholstered. The distinctive feature of the family is a wide range of different finishes – seven colours and several types of plastics in various upholstery colour. It is possible to combine the rows of chairs, which applies especially in classrooms or auditoriums, but also in reception areas or waiting rooms.
Technical specs
  • Technical Data

    Product Description

    550CV - bar stool, plastic seat and backrest
    555CV - bar stool, plastic seat and mesh backrest
    560CV - bar stool, upholstered seat, plastic backrest
    570CV - bar stool, upholstered seat and backrest
    575CV - bar stool, upholstered seat and mesh backrest


    Metal wire with cross section fi 11 mm.
    - black (powder coated)
    - metallic (powder coated)
    - shiny chrome (chrome)
    - satin chrome (chrome)


    - standard - hard glides
       - black frame - color black
       - metallic, shiny and satin chrome frame - colour transparent
    - option - felt glides or teflon glides


    - plastic
    - upholstered
       - cut foam - density 35 kg/m3
       - underside of the seat: black plastic (black and chrome frame) and grey plastic (metallic frame)


    - plastic
    - upholstered - cut foam - density 35 kg/m3
    - mesh

    Net Weight

    550CV - 8,0 kg
    555CV - 7,5 kg
    560CV - 8,5 kg
    570CV - 9,0 kg
    575CV - 8,0 kg

    Gross Weight

    550CV - 11,0 kg
    555CV - 10,5 kg
    560CV - 11,5 kg
    570CV - 12,0 kg
    575CV - 11,0 kg


    2 pcs.